Now we are open everyday including Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM to 9:30 PM. Please note that there is a change in the price because now we are more organic and vegan. Hare Krishna :)! Govinda's Vegetar menu København

Vi severer hver dag:

Dagens suppe, to grøntsagsretter, ris, chutney, papadam og dagens snack.

Menu nr 1: to grøntsagsretter med ris, medium: kr 80,-

Menu nr 2: to grøntsagsretter med ris, stor: kr 100,-

Menu nr 3: to grøntsagsretter 800 gr med ris, papadam og  suppe: Kr 120,-

Menu nr 5: to grøntsagsretter 500 gr med suppe: Kr 90,-

Menu nr 6: to grøntsagsretter 500 gr med ris, papadam og  suppe: Kr 100,-

Indian Bread/Chapati: to Kr 15,-

Turmeric Latte to : Kr 25,-

Dessert: to : Kr 25,-

Suppe m. papadam: kr 40,-Stor suppe m. papadam: kr 50,-

Dagens snack, pakora, samosa ell pudla m. chutney: kr 50,-

Indiske snackbrød / papadam: kr 12,-

( V ) = Vegan.

Today's Menu 

Work Week 3.6 Saturday - Enjoy mix of North, West, South and our own invention style home cooked meal

- Cabbage Mutter Potato Sabzi(North Indian Style): Cannage, Peas, Carrot, Potato, Ginger, Tomato gravy and spices (Vegan)

- Brocoli Mutter Malai (Our own invention) : Brocoli, Coconut Milk, Green Peas, Fresh Turmeric, Tomato, Spices (Vegan)

- Kadhi (West Indian Style): Chick Pea Flower, Yogurt, Methi seeds, Curry Leaves, Tomato, Ginger, Himalayan Salt, Parsely and spices

- Brocoli lentil soup (Our own invention): Brocoli, Masoor lentil, gigner, tomato, parsely, fresh turmeric (Vegan)

- Thepla: Indian Gujarati special chapati made with wheat flour, fenugreek leaf oil, cummin, oil and salt (Vegan)

- Paratha: Indian special chapati made with wheat flour, oil and salt (Vegan)

- Brown Jeera rice (South Indian Style): Brown rice with dild flavor, Cummin seeds and special spices (Vegan)

- Crispy Papdam (Vegan)

- Crispy Khakhra (Vegan)

- Puffed Samosa (Vegan)

- Turmeric Latte (Golden Milk): Milk (Vegan option available), Turmeric, Black Pepper, Vanilla, Ginger, Cinamon (Additional honey or agave syryp)

- Fresh & Energetic Lemonade: Lime With Himalayan Salt/Pink Salt, Lime (Vegan)

- Mango Lassi (Vegan option available)

- Ginger Boost Ginger (Hot)- Fresh squizzed ginger juice, fresh Lime, Agave Syrup/Honey, H (Vegan)

- Ginger Beer, Curiosity Cola, Rose Lemon


Govinda, Åboulevard 7, st th, 1635 Kbh V.
Tlf: 61419191